Committed to Excellence

About Triple “A” Cheese

A History of Innovation and Cheese

Triple “A” cheese is committed to excellence, and those roots run decades deep, starting over 25 years ago as a small, family-run cheese business. Today, Triple “A” Cheese is proud to be one of Canada’s largest feta cheese makers and top producers of quality dairy products. Still family-owned, we pride ourselves on our reputation as a Canadian dairy industry pioneer, supplying the highest-quality products to private labels, wholesalers, food-service suppliers, and distribution and retail chains across North America.

Our commitment is our promise. Quality, freshness, and superior products is a trait that is generational in nature and a principle that has been instilled in our employees since the day we opened our doors. Triple “A” Cheese is more than a dairy supplier, we are a true business partner. Your success is ours.

We continue to grow and expand our operations, we are in the process of building a second manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art equipment and processes. Work is underway in the facility on a new office and lunch room for our growing dedicated team of employees!

We Are A World Class Partner

As your partner, we strive to make sure every client feels like our only client. We’ve always believed in superior Client Service, Quality Products, Sustainability and Dairy Innovation. We were early disrupters in Canada, developing deep roots in the Canadian Dairy Industry creating innovative processes, delicious scalable products and have carved out a reputation as a trusted distributor, supplier and business partner. Our commitment is our promise, to create the best possible product and be the best possible partner.

What We Stand For

Triple “A” Cheese has been making only the highest quality products since day one. Of course, technology has changed and with that change, we adapt, and continually strive to make them better. We have a thorough QC system that has been implemented, verified and honed over the last 57 years in business. We make sure we exceed our client’s expectations by consistently delivering exemplary food safety standards in all of our production and manufacturing. Quality is at the core of our commitment to our clients.

Through an understanding our customers and the relationships we build with our valued partners we have developed the core of our business. We always pay attention to the entire process from production, delivery and everything in between. We make sure when our client needs resources, or help, we are there to help to problem solve and find tangible solutions.

We create deep relationships with our clients. We strive to balance value, quality and consistency. Our existing customers know the value of being in business with Triple “A” Cheese. We are always working hard for our clients and developing better ways to run an efficient and effective business so we can stay price competitive in today’s dairy marketplace.

For as long as we’ve been in business, we make sure we are well balanced and principled and transparent in all aspects of the business we do. We mean what we say, and follow through. We take our business very seriously and with that comes a high level of corporate responsibility to do our very best every day, no question.

We believe in Local. Our priority is to maintain a consistent focus on the production of our famous Feta cheeses and dairy products. With that experience comes innovation as we continually think out of the box to create new products and processes that are implemented optimally for each and every new product application. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved and what is on the horizon.

At Triple “A”, innovation is the standard, we are always adapting and evolving our processes to help stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. In fact, our internal AAA Innovation Studio partners work with our business associates to help generate consumer-innovation through their own private brands.